Assuming that I have a list of Users with a list of skills: (each value is a different skill)

And a list of Tasks with a list of demanded skills:

Based on a manual classification that returned: (History list)

  1. Task1 --> Recommended: User3
  2. Task2 --> Reccomended: User5
  3. Task3 --> Recommended: User6
  4. Task4 --> Recommended: User9
  5. Task5 --> Recommended: User8

Given a new Task(6) with skills (A,B,C...):

  • What would be the best way or approach to build a recommendation system that learns with past data (history list) and returns a list of the "best ranked" users to perform this Task?
  • $\begingroup$ This is not a recommender system problem. Also in your case what does best mean, what metric are your trying to maximize/minimize ? $\endgroup$ – DollarAkshay Jul 19 '18 at 9:04

Why do you want to build a learning model?

Your problem seems to be a common assignment problem, all informations are known, absolute and deterministic. You don't need a ML algorithm for this.

Just vectorize your data as one-hot-vectors, define a distance function (you can look to the Hamming's distance).

Compute the distance vector beetween user/task and pick the one who minimize this distance.

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