Tan,Steinbech,Kumar's book says

For some types of data, attributes have relationships that involve order in time or space.

I want some real life examples of such data, can you provide me. I couldn't find anything in google so asking here.

Here is what is written in a ppt.

I couldn't make much sense of that as well.


I have found another definition which is somewhat easier to grasp. Is this correct? And can you send me some examples of this?

Ordered data is when data is collected over time.


References-: https://www-users.cse.umn.edu/~kumar001/dmbook/slides/chap2_data.pdf


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There are many real-world examples. Time series is the most common one: the observations are ordered by time. Exam grades are another example, e.g. A>B>C>D...


It seems to be any kind of data that can be organized in a logical way.

For example, bills that includes creation date or location (= that could be translated to a X,Y geographical position), or a employee ID in a company that is a number incremented with every new employee, or any name that could be classified in an alphabetical order.

In your example, the data is primarily ordered by Item, and then Event.


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