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How to Define KPIs for a product solution

I have to find certain KPIs for a given product solutions and describe data tables to track those KPIs. Context: Our practitioners conduct treatment X in 3 steps with patient, so it leads to 3 ...
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How to compute inner product between two networks'parameters

Consider a neural network with $f(x) = w^T_2 \sigma(w^T_1 x) $ where $\sigma(.)$ is a activation function such as ReLU. $w_2 \in R^{d \times k}, w_1 \in R^{k \times o}$ are two matrices. I would like ...
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Hi, im currently working for a company that has some inventory control problems

First, I was asked by the manager to make a plot showing produced vs received items, its a multistage process so we are only in charge of one of the steps which is designing, I made the plot comparing ...
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Once a predictive model is in production, how it can be evaluated?

I have a data science project, predicting customer's next purchase day. Customer's one year behavioral data was split to 9 and 3 months for train and test, using RFM analysis, I trained a model with ...
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Data science Product Question Help [closed]

I was recently asked this in a ds interview pertaining to product thinking - If a product feature is being rolled out, but an a/b test is unable to be performed due to whatever reason, how can we ...
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Predicting products to be sold in a store - problem formulation

I have a data from a store for the products that sold since more than 5 years. Each sell process has a customer id, date, and the quantity of the product. I want to build a machine learning model to ...
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Multi-country model or single model

I am working on a ML model to be deployed in a product operating in many countries. The issue that I am having is the following: should I train one model and serve it for all countries? train a model ...
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Machine learning model bundled with a library vs. an API

I am thinking to "deploy" a machine learning model (in pickle it is sized 3 megabytes) and after discussing with my developer colleagues, they said it would be better if the model is packed as a ...
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Monitoring machine learning models in production

I am looking for tools that allow me to monitor machine learning models once they are gone to production. I would like to monitor: Long term changes: changes of distribution in the features with ...
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ML model deployment architecture?

I came from a software development background and we have separate servers of the same database (dev, test, prod). The reason for this is because we develop our apps against the dev DB, run tests ...
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How to validate recommender model in healthcare?

In order to validate a recommender model, a usual approach is create a hold-out set that will provide random suggestions (similar to an A/B testing setup). However, in healthcare applications, this ...
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Modelling if condition of multiple estimators in a pipeline

How to correctly model a if condition to choose estimator/predictor(linear regression, gbt) to be used in scikit/spark-ml in a single pipeline. ...
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Putting a predictive model into production [closed]

Even after all these years of data science from 2010 to 2018, why is there no general framework for putting a predictive model into production?
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Machine Learning models in production environment

Lets say a Model was trained on date $dt1$ using the available labeled data, split into training and test i.e $train_{dt1}$, $test_{dt1}$. This model is then deployed in production and makes ...
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How to create Self learning data product

I am trying to build price recommendation solution for clients in a scalable manner. I have two choices as below. Professional service: Statistician involvement to build regression model or any ...
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How do I allow user to run a R script without making a website or web application? [closed]

I have data & a R script that creates a report from the data. I can't expose the data to internet. Also, I cant expose my script to internet / user. But I would like to eliminate myself from the ...
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