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Installing Orange Package with older Python Version?

The error message shows exactly what you need to do: Orange requires Python>=3.4 You have to specify a Python>=3.4 version (with orange3 itself installed) while installing ...
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what if conda has no package?

Activate your conda environment, then use the pip that will also be in your environment (just like the Python interpreter is that of you activated environment). ...
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What is this PIP syntax: "azureml-dataset-runtime[pandas,fuse]"

Here you go, you can check several answeres here: So, [] denotes extra ...
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Google Colab conda packages permanently installation

There is no way to permanently install packages because the code is run on virtual machines that are sometimes recycled. You'll need to install it each time. From the FAQ: Where is my code executed? ...
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PermissionError for conda env update

Just in case someone else has a similar problem and stumbles over this thread like I did: It's not the PermissionError I needed to fix, it's the TypeError listed above. Which most likely is just a ...
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