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Why mean and median are similar for well distributed dataset?

I've read that when considering well distributed variables, median and mean tend to be similar, but can't figure out why mathematically this is the case.
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Sampling a data based on average and variance of another data

I have a set of textual datasets that have the following average and variance tokens lengths: ...
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Compare standard deviations in different samples?

I have some data which you can group based on different variables. I know how to test if they have significantly different means. But what the deviation inside the samples?
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Find variance from 2 variances of 2 datasets with difference sizes

In an attempt to find the mean number of hours his tutorial classmates spent per day preparing for tutorials, John collected data from 10 of his friends in the tutorial group and found that the mean ...
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dividing Mean by standard Deviation meaning

I have played around with logistic regression a little using movement data intervals that are prelabeled as either resting or active. I now found that if I divide the mean movement of the individual ...
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mean and variance of a dataset

I have a simple question. Please see the below screenshot : It is from a midterm exam from a university : My questions is how ...
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finding the mean for each of the channels (RGB) across an array of images [closed]

How can I find the mean for each of the channels (RGB) across an array of images? For example train_dataset[0]['image'].shape is ...
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Mean of mean and average [closed]

In order to establish an overall rating for a product from a series of user ratings (from 1 to 5), I thought that the median would be a good idea so that extreme values would not have too much ...
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How to find a probability distribution the parameters of which do not impact each other like mean and variance in normal distribution do?

I need to find a probability distribution to fit my data. My data has two important features, duration and activity count. Duration means how long one sequence lasts and activity count means the ...
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