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How to add a new item in the embeddings vocabulary?

If outright retraining is out of the question (which honestly makes sense since it'd likely be time and resource intensive), then you can try a couple things: Treat this as an out-of-vocabulary ...
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Performance difference between two equivalent ML codes

The solution to this problem is rather simple: Using different settings for the likelihood noise results in significant changes in the MAE values. Using the same likelihood noise in GPyTorch and ...
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Image segmentations vs image detection

It's an interesting question. I don't think there is a definitive "always true" answer. So empirical results would prevail. To me, the biggest factor regarding accuracy would be the type of ...
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Image segmentations vs image detection

Image Segmentation can extract objects from environments now adays after Meta published SAM (SegmentAnything) and even with few-shot learning can perform very well. Recommend using it to set the stage ...
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"'cuda:6')" becomes (nvidia-smi) GPU 4, same with any other "cuda:MY_GPU", only "cuda:0" becomes GPU 0. How do I get rid of this mapping?

You can try setting environment variable CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER to value PCI_BUS_ID to get the ordering to be the same as the ...
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Supported GPU for Pytorch

Caveat: haven't tried this myself, but last year AMD announced ROCm 5.7 support for Pytorch on a couple of their graphics cards running Ubuntu: &...
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