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Increasing/Decreasing importance of feature/thing in ML/DL

I would not say these models "misunderstand" anything. They simply learn from the data provided based on their inductive biases. I hypothesize that all three cases might be caused by the ...
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How to engineer and test seasonality features?

Depends on what you want to achieve. If you only care about performance, the straightest way to go is to build as much features as possible then dump them in a lgbm, then maybe build some ensemble ...
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How to engineer and test seasonality features?

Bad news: In general, feature selection is (well-known) NP-Hard problem - we never know which feature subset is best unless we exhaustively search all possible combinations, which is usually not ...
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Adding new variable to model

There are ways to do this. It can be viewed as an online streaming algorithm. Check this paper: "Online updating method with new variables for big data streams".

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